Company Overview

KISS was created to address the needs of shelter/rescue organizations who house disabled dogs, serving as the single focal point to a team of resources which specialize in care management of disabled dogs.

KISS offers five areas of support:

♥  Financial
♥  Clinical

♥  Behavioral
♥  Educational
♥  Promotional  

Goals & Objectives

In assisting the shelter/rescue organizations …

♥  Reduce the number of disabled dogs in shelter/rescue organization foster care
♥  Reduce care management costs pertaining to disabled dogs
♥  Provide a means to redirect shelter/rescue organization care management costs to adoption programs
♥  Reduce employee stress by delivering care management training & education

In educating the general public, current owners/guardians, or those who wish to adopt …

♥  Reduce the number of pets being surrendered due to care related conditions
♥  Provide a single point of reference for care management information & resources
♥  Raise awareness of canine disabilities and their management requirements