Success Stories

Meet some of the dogs who have benefited from our program and read their stories …

Rudy for website


Rudy came to us from APS of Person County. This sweet, playful, Deerhound has a
visual impairment caused by detached retinas, however he gets around fairly well and off leash he chooses to run, not walk.

He was seen by our partner veterinarians and, although his vision could not be restored, he should maintain his remaining vision.

Rudy, now known as “Rufus”, has now found his forever home with a woman who has lots of experience with a blind dog. He is doing great and has his own spot on the sofa and on her bed. 



Charlie is a Golden Retriever mix who, until recently, was in Best Friend Pet Adoption foster care. This sweet sociable boy was found in October of 2007 on the side of the road. He had been hit by car, his shoulder broken.

Charlie required physical therapy at the Animal Rehabilitation and Wellness Institute to help him regain full use of his shoulder.

KISS teamed with Best Friend Pet Adoption and the Animal Rehabilitation and Wellness Institute to assist in Charlie’s journey to recovery. Charlie received the therapy he needed and has been adopted into a loving home. Your generous donations to KISS made this possible.



Cooper, a Miniature Schnauzer, was in the care of Dogs & Cats Forever, a no kill animal sanctuary located in Florida. He had been hit by a car which resulted in a back injury and loss of mobility.

A local (Durham, NC) woman learned about Cooper through the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolina’s. Familiar with veterinary rehabilitation clinics in NC, she generously offered to  be his caregiver and reached out to KISS for support.

Cooper arrived in NC, and with the support of a loving guardian, a specialty rehabilitation clinic, and our assistance was able to receive the treatment he needed to regain the use of his legs. Coopers NC family adopted him and he now resides in sunny California.