History & Dedication

Established in 2008, KISS was inspired by my two beloved Dalmatians, “Kayla” and “Kelso”. Litter mates who had developed Intervertebral Disc Disease, IVDD, a degenerative disease that causes pain and paralysis.

As an animal lover, and caregiver to both dogs & horses, I was accustomed to unforeseen vet visits, but certainly not prepared to hear that my energetic Dals may lose their ability to walk.

With guidance from veterinarians, both dogs received physical rehabilitation (clinical and in-home) to slow the diseases’ progression. I was able to make some basic changes in their daily routine to support their special needs. By age 13, Kayla had completely lost her ability to use her hind legs and required canine cart, while her brother was becoming familiar with a sling. The wonderful thing about our pets is that they adapt to their circumstances without looking back. Within minutes of placing Kayla into her new cart, she was happily trotting down the sidewalk, as if she was a puppy. I will never forget that moment, realizing that to her, anything’s possible, and that we create the boundaries that limit us.

Both are at the bridge now, running without wheels, and I’ve stopped questioning why they got this disease. The KISS Foundation is my dedication to them.


    Kelso , Mayday, and Kayla