New/Current Companions


Welcome Sammie our newest companion …


Sammie is very special to us as he requires lifelong support. Our goal is to encourage his adoption by covering the cost of his daily medication for one year following his adoption. With your generous support we hope to extend that one year to a lifetime. Please read Sammie’s story below.




Sammie arrived at Happy Hills Animal Foundation Inc facility when he was a 4 month old. He had been dropped off at a local church where he spent several days being fed by the congregation members. Once at Happy Hills he started the routine schedule of veterinary care. This is when the genetic condition of pulmonary stenosis was discovered. This sweet boy showed no outward symptoms as he still does not today at 6 years old.

Sammie was evaluated and treated with life saving Balloon surgery at NC State Veterinary School at 5 months old. After surgery he was placed on a very inexpensive  medication that keeps his blood pressure inside his heart within normal range. His prognosis is good with a normal life span expectancy with this daily medication.

Sammie is active, loving and knows basic obedience commands. He interacts well with most other dogs and has not had too much experience with cats. This boy “never meets a stranger ” and loves everyone he meets at first sight. 

Sammie continues to have a pronounced heart murmur, although he enjoys life with no other symptoms of his genetic condition. 

Sammie spends his days dreaming of the day that a family chooses him for his forever family. Until that day comes he spends his days enjoying taking leash walks with the Happy Hills volunteers and staff as well as playing in the fenced exercise yards. He is crate trained and loves taking care rides.